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New Technology
A patented series of plates that produce hydrogen from salt water by electrolysis without producing dangerous byproducts  such as chlorine gas from the salt.  Using zinc to attract the oxygen we can use a reduced electrical current to separate the hydrogen and oxygen while leaving the salt (NaCl) intact.  This inexpensive chemical addition to the process enables us to use significantly less electricity, thus reducing the cost to produce abundant hydrogen.
Side view of Plate Stack

Patented Plate Stack

Crest of University of Waterloo
NSERC Study At The University of Waterloo Validates Technology


Proven Technology at the University of Waterloo demonstrates that hydrogen

can be produced using significantly less energy when combined with oxidization. The Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC), Canada's federal funding agency for university-based research, provided the opportunity to study the effect of oxidization on the production of hydrogen.  


Safely Producing Hydrogen From Salt Water By Electrolysis

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