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Prior Technology

Under the NSERC Engage Grants Program research was conducted.

Analysis of the study reveals that although 24 kg of Zinc are consumed and 28.8 kg of Zinc oxide are produced, only 11 kWh of electricity are required to produce 1 kg of hydrogen and that selling the Zinc oxide will replace the cost of the Zinc that is consumed during the process.

Present Technology

Instead of consuming zinc and producing zinc oxide we now use a mild acid to separate the zinc oxide releasing the oxygen and the zinc that is then electroplated back onto the existing electrodes.

Test Results

    Total Gas Production: @ 1 Watt

    (hydrogen & oxygen)

  -  290 ml/30 min.   (580 ml/h)

  -  310 ml/30 min.   (620 ml/h)

  -  320 ml/30 min.   (640 ml/h)

     Hydrogen Produced:

  - 387, 413, 427 ml/W/h

  - Average of 409 ml/W/h

    29.19 kWh to produce

    1 kg of Hydrogen.

    2.45 kWh for 1 cubic metre

Summary - Value Proposition
  • Uses  40% less electricity to produce 1 kg of hydrogen. 

  • (On an industrial scale) our technology out-performs current conventional electrolysis technology:   A typical 40 kW/h unit would produce 70% more hydrogen in the same time frame.

  • Less expensive components are used in the electrolyzer Units. 

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