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Opportunities & Applications

Existing Markets:

    Hydrogen for Oil Refineries 

    Green Hydrogen for Fertilizers 


Emerging Markets:

    Energy storage systems for wind & solar 

    Surplus Electrical Energy Storage

    Hydrogen vehicle fuelling stations

    Fuel for Cars, Trains and Boats

Hydrogen Markets
Hydrogen Station
Hydrogen Car
Electrical Energy Storage
Renewable Energy Storage
Hydrogen Train
Hydrogen Fertilizer

Existing Markets

  • 9 Million Tons Produced Annually in US

  • 95% Produced by Steam Reforming of Natural Gas that produces large quantities of greenhouse gas

  • 48% to Oil Refineries

  • 48% to Ammonia Producers for use in fertilizers

  • 2% Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils – Margarine & Crisco

  • 1% Metallurgy to Extract Metals from Ore- Prime Example is Tungsten

Emerging Markets

  • Storage of Electricity from Renewable Energy Sources

  • Supplied Electricity is Ideal for Our Technology of Electrolysis

  • Fuel source for Cars, Boats and Trains

  • Heating fuel for Homes and Businesses

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